Difficulties & Afflictions of Old Age

People of all ages deal with physical limitations and disabilities. There are some disabilities that are age specific, and others that can occur in people both young and old. As we get older, however, our bodies change and we are forced to learn to do basic chores and activities in ways that require less strength and effort, as our bodies begin to deteriorate and we slowly lose what we have. As we age, there are certain limitations that we should all be prepared for, but there are always ways to fight against the natural decay that we experience and maintain our youth for our entire lives.

One of the most common issues that seniors and the elderly experience is pain. As our bodies grow older, we slowly deteriorate and wear out. This leads to increased joint pair, arthritis, tendonitis, and other muscle, bone, and joint pains that didn’t affect us when we were younger. These pains and issues are caused by areas of our bodies wearing down, including the elasticity in our skin and muscles, the cartilage in our joints, and our bones becoming more brittle and fragile. Years of use, exposure, and impact create wear and tear and eventually cause us to lose the strength and durability that we once enjoyed. Our bodies are like cars; even the most well maintained models eventually wear out and are in need of restoration.

In addition to aches and pains, our bodies may lose some of the strength that we develop over our lives. We may find that working or exercising for long periods of time becomes more difficult, and we are unable to lift the same amount of weight or run the same distance as we once could. These changes are not unusual, and although it is possible to maintain great strength into old age, we are not likely to be as strong or capable as we were in our youth. This gradual deterioration of our bodies is natural, but can be combated by regular exercise and a focus on maintaining health and physical ability.

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While our bodies may not lose a significant amount of strength, we often lose the use of our minds in advanced age. Our minds can easily deteriorate when they are not used frequently or at capacity, making ailments like memory loss, dementia, or even Alzheimer’s a real possibility. While nobody intends to lose the use of their mind, it is something that happens subtly and can creep up on us. The best way to preserve the abilities of the mind is to use it often! Participating in intelligent and stimulating conversation and interaction is a great way to keep your mind sharp. If you are unable to interact with others for some stretch of time, completing crossword puzzles, Sudokus, or playing challenging mind games are great ways to help keep your mind quick. Reading books and magazines about topics that interest you is a great way to learn and to continue to strengthen you mind and imagination.

As you age, take care to work and avoid many of the ailments that afflict the seniors in our society. If you are approaching your senior years, visit a physician and ask them what the best things to do are to keep your mind and body capable and sharp. Learn to find happiness in your hobbies and in the adventures that you have the opportunity to participate in, and stay busy to make sure that you mind and body are not idle.