Alabama Medicare Supplement Plans

Many senior citizens don’t realize how critical the “gaps” are in Medicare until they turn 65. This is where Medicare Supplemental Insurance, or “Medigap,” steps in. A person has to have both Medicare Parts A and B in order to apply for one of the 10 Medigap Plans. Note that while all specific plans are identical in terms of benefits, premiums vary depending on the insurance carrier so it’s critical to shop around. Fill out the zip code form to compare plans and rates instantly.

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Alabama residents are eligible for 10 Medigap Plans. Every plan offers basic coverage, but there are varying additional benefits depending on which plan is selected. The Alabama Department of Insurance maintains an updated list of qualified insurance carriers so that residents can comparison shop with ease. Keep in mind that age, gender, smoking status, and pre-existing conditions can impact premiums.

Medicare + Choice

Medicare + Choice is not a standardized Medigap Plan. This is a program that may allow for full or partial federal subsidization for supplemental programs depending on factors including income and disability. The only way to find out if a person qualifies is to speak with an insurance agent that offers Medicare + Choice. This is always a smart thing to check because it can potentially save beneficiaries significant money.

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Medicare Select

Opting into Medicare Select is an excellent way to save money for certain Alabama residents. Medicare Select works similar to preferred provider networks (PPOs). Monthly premiums are often much lower, but beneficiaries can only visit doctors within certain networks. Beneficiaries must be very careful to only see doctors in the network. If a doctor is seen outside of the network, “regular” Medicare covers certain charges but the additional Select coverage is moot.

Medicare Savings Program

This program is unique to Alabama and helps low-income resident afford Medicare premiums. Eligibility requires a person to be a legal Alabama resident eligible for Medicare Part A and below a certain income level. There are four Medicare savings programs within this umbrella group. These programs include Qualified Medicare Beneficiary, Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary, Qualifying Individual, and Qualified Disabled & Working Individual. Monthly income restrictions may change, but the most current posted income restrictions are:

  • Qualified Medicare Beneficiary: $928 for singles and $1,246 for a couple
  • Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary: $1,109 for singles and $1,491 for a couple
  • Qualifying Individual: $1,246 for singles and $1,675 for a couple
  • Qualified Disabled & Working Individual: $3,715 for singles and $4,989 for a couple

How Much Is This Going to Cost?

Medigap premiums vary depending on which company provides the coverage, age, and a myriad of other factors. There are dozens of companies that provide coverage so it’s best to get a quote from each one. However, there are some ballpark figures to consider. The average cost of each Part A, basic benefits coverage, is about $100. The average cost for Plan F, sometimes referred to as “high deductible coverage,” is about $150. Getting organized and prepared to secure quotes from every insurance provider is the best way to save money. To compare plans and rates instantly, fill out the zip code form and get a free quote.

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