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In 1990, the population of Colorado residents aged over 65 was 330,000, but according to research by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and the State Demography Office, this senior population will reach approximately 1,350,000 by 2030, largely because people are living longer. For this reason alone, if you’re nearing age 65 or are beginning to think about planning for your senior years, it is critical to consider what healthcare options will provide you with the best coverage and which will best fit into your budget which may be limited during your retirement period. Though Medicare will certainly help defray some standard healthcare costs, there are many services and service providers not covered through Medicare. Before medical bills threaten to tarnish your golden years, consider the Medicare supplement options available to you in the state of Colorado. Fill out the zip code form to learn more and to compare rates instantly.

Medicare Advantage

As the most flexible and flexible Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage offers its policyholders the ability to choose a plan that meets their specific needs as best as possible. In 2011, 32.6% of Medicare recipients opted for a Medicare Advantage plan, and this number is expected to rise annually as more people recognize the benefits of this additional coverage. Colorado residents can choose between HMO plans, PPO options, private fee-for-service coverage and special needs plans. They can search for plans that cover their specific doctors (when possible), and for those that cover a wider range of services than traditional Medicare plans cover such as extended hospital stays and eye exams. Different Medicare Advantage plans are available in each county, and each one has a different price as set by the insurance company. Consequently, Colorado residents should make sure to examine their local options carefully and to select a plan that will best meet their healthcare needs and budget. Fill out the zip code form now to compare rates and plans in your area.

Enrollment in a Medicare Advantage plan can be done when filling out the initial registration for Medicare coverage, from 6 months before one’s 65th birthday until 6 months afterwards. Seniors who don’t take advantage of this enrollment period can register for Medicare Advantage during the nationwide open enrollment period which is subject to change annually, but will be from October 15 through December 7, 2012 for coverage in 2013. Anyone moving to Colorado or to another district in Colorado within a given calendar year can also request special permission to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan in their new area.

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As compared to Medicare Advantage plans which are designed to provide a rather robust range of services, the primary goal of Medigap plans is to help defray a senior’s out of pocket costs associated with Medicare such as coinsurance and copays. Colorado residents can choose from a range of Medigap plans, each one of which corresponds to a specific Medicare plan from A through N, though plans E, H, I and J were cancelled in 2010 and are no longer available to new enrollees.

The registration period for Medigap mirrors that of Medicare Advantage, and Colorado residents may also switch from one plan to another during the annual open enrollment period. However, unlike Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap plans are identical in coverage from provider to provider as determined by the plan level (A through N), though prices may vary. Medigap plans in Colorado can be cancelled at any time within the first 30 days for a full refund for any reason.

Colorado’s nickname is the Centennial State, so named because it joined the union 100 years after the country was born. But if current trends are any indication, it will soon merit that nickname because of the high number of residents nearing their 100th birthdays. If you plan to grow old in Colorado, make sure that you have a Medicare supplement to ensure that you will receive the best possible healthcare at the lowest prices during your senior years. Fill out the zip code form now to instantly compare rates and plans.

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