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Since 1992, Medigap Plans have been regulated by the federal government and are required to abide by very similar, standardized requirements for the 10 major Plans labeled A – J. However, recent years have seen an influx of additional Medigap plans such as K and L. These two Plans have been available since 2006, but bear a striking difference from traditional plans. Medicare Part B is not covered under these Plans, but the annual out-of-pocket expenses cap at $4,660 for Plan K and $2,330 for Plan L which make them affordable. While these plans are quite different from traditional Medicare supplemental insurance policies, they are still regulated by the federal government and are the same no matter which provider you purchase them from.

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What Do Connecticut Residents Want?

The American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) reports an unusual preference in Connecticut. The vast majority of residents in this state prefer Plan F with 52,079 existing Plans in 2011. Plan F is the leader in most states, but the runner-ups are Plan J with 28,527 policies and Plan C with 15,767 policies. Throughout the nation, however, Plan F is still the most popular option as it is the most comprehensive.

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Where Medicare’s Thriving

Medicare Part D, also called Prescription Drug Coverage, helps many Connecticut retirees pay for necessary prescriptions. There are more than 560,000 Connecticut residents opting into this voluntary program. Medicare Part D is not part of Medigap, but operates in a similar fashion. Part D helps severely lower the cost of drugs.

Medicare Part D also boosts the local economy. Connecticut is home to many biopharmaceutical companies and the success of Part D has helped strengthen the industry and keeps funding local. The average monthly premium for Part D in this state is $15 and 89,000 of Part D beneficiaries are below the poverty line. There have been rumors of cutting Part D which will leave a significant number of Connecticut seniors without affordable drug coverage and potentially impact thousands of workers. If you are concerned about prescription drug coverage, fill out the zip code form to speak with a Medicare supplemental insurance professional who can help you find a plan that will cover your needs.

Medicare Hospital Laws

Many people who are eligible to enroll in Medicare and purchase Medicare supplemental insurance are often nervous that they will not receive the same level of care as they would if they had medical insurance from a private provider. Fortunately, new Medicare laws penalize hospitals when an excessive number of patients are re-admitted within 30 days of release, meaning that hospitals must provide extremely thorough care to their patients in order to continue to receive Medicare funding.

The penalty for not providing quality care involves withholding Medicare payments if too many patients who suffered a heart attack, heart failure, or pneumonia are readmitted. Statistically, about 20 percent of these patients are regularly readmitted within a 30 day period. The average cost for a hospital that does not receive Medicare support is estimated to reach $17 billion per year.

What This Means for Medicare Patients

Connecticut is a geographically small state and there are currently eight hospitals that plan to keep the Medicare program. Residents should familiarize themselves with the closest hospital which may be Backus Hospital, Hartford Hospital, Manchester Memorial Hospital, Middlesex Hospital, Rockville General Hospital, Sharon Hospital, The Hebrew Home and Hospital, or Windham Community Memorial Hospital.

Unless there is an emergency situation that requires an ambulance of a trip to the ER, residents should try to visit one of the eight remaining hospitals that accept Medicare. This is a big inconvenience for many residents, but crucial for saving costs on hospital and outpatient care. To find a Medigap plan that will continue to cover your hospital and outpatient visit costs, fill out the zip code form and compare rates instantly.

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