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Many Louisiana residents who are eligible for both Medicare Parts A and B opt for a Medicare Supplemental Insurance, or “Medigap,” policy in order to fill the gaps Medicare leaves in their health coverage. Residents in Louisiana also have an extra blanket of protection that isn’t available everywhere in the country. If a Louisiana resident loses current Medicare coverage, there is a 63-day window where enrollment in a Medigap program is guaranteed.

Is Medicare Part B Necessary?

Every Louisiana resident has to have Medicare Part B in order to qualify for any Medigap Plans. However, many people choose to work beyond the age of 65, the point where a person must choose to enroll in Medicare or must find an acceptable health care replacement. A person who has company-provided healthcare may opt to wait to enroll in Medicare Part B. The vast majority of people pay no premiums for Medicare Part A, but Medicare Part B requires monthly premiums. To make sure that you are paying the lowest premiums possible, fill out the zip code form and compare rates instantly.

Why Would Medicare End?

The Louisiana guaranteed 63-day window is something that not every resident will face. However, it’s a real possibility for those enrolled in the Medicare Select program. Medicare Select works like a preferred provider organization (PPO) and offers lower premiums for traditional Medicare health coverage. However, in exchange, those who are enrolled in Medicare Select can only see doctors in a certain network. This helps to offset the cost of health coverage and the lower premiums that these recipients are charged for coverage.

To qualify for Medicare Select, a person must be living in a parish that houses preferred networks. If a person moves out of that parish and to an area that has no preferred providers, a Medigap Plan might be necessary.

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The Medigap Breakdown

The Louisiana Department of Insurance oversees all Medicare programs in the state. There are 10 Medigap Plans offered in Louisiana. Every Plan offers core benefits, but additional benefits vary depending on which Plan is selected. It’s important to note that every insurance company provides identical Medigap Plans, but premiums are different depending on a number of factors. To make sure that you are getting the best rate possible, fill out the zip code form and compare prices instantly.

Reducing the Costs of Medigap

Every insurance provider is different and might charge different fees or determine a premium based on different factors. Consider these possibilities when shopping for Medigap coverage:

  • Policy fees: Some insurance companies might charge a one-time processing fee.
  • ZIP codes: Many insurance companies use a person’s ZIP code to help determine ratings. Beneficiaries should check with providers when moving to a different parish.
  • Gender: Some companies charge different premiums for men and women.
  • Attained age vs. Issue age: Some companies determine premiums based on the age of the person at the time of the application. Other companies change the premiums as a person reaches different age brackets. A person who is younger has a better bet of opting for a policy that uses the issued age.
  • No age rating: Some companies do not use age as a factor. This can be good news for older Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Smoking: Sometimes smokers are charged higher premiums than non-smokers.

Recent Changes to Louisiana Law

A recent law changes has made it easier for residents under the age of 65 who are beneficiaries of Medicare due to a disability, End-Stage Renal Disease, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis to apply for Medigap. A person of any age can now benefit from an open enrollment period when being approved for Medicare Part B. To find out which plans you qualify for, fill out the zip code form and compare plans and rates instantly.

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