Medigap Plan C

Medicare has given seniors a great sense of security when it comes to health insurance, but there are still some costs that don’t get coverage, creating the Medicare gap. In order to cover this gap in services, Medigap plans were created and designed to assist seniors in accessing more appropriate care for senior living and health insurance costs. This could be anything from preventative care to nursing care and prescriptions.

Medigap part C, or sometimes called Medicare Advantage, is a supplemental insurance plan that assists seniors in getting more from their Medicare benefits. There are different plans offered in different areas, ranging from A to N in some states, with some states only offering a select few.

What is Medigap Plan C?

Plan C is much different from other plans, especially from Medigap Part B, which is more tailored to suit the needs of seniors with much fewer costs. Plan C, on the other hand, assists with more costs that are incurred by seniors in terms of health care services. While Medicare Part A and B may not offer the best coverage for extended care, senior nursing care, and may even leave off on costs for preventative care, Medigap Part C steps in to offer extended coverage, coinsurance, and co-payment for services outside of these Medicare plans.

What is offered with Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan C?

There is a great deal of coverage for seniors seeking health care with Medigap Plan C.

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  • Basic coverage
  • Part A coinsurance for excess hospital costs
  • Medicare part B preventative care coinsurance
  • First three pints of blood drawn
  • Part B coinsurance or copayment for services other than preventative
  • Skilled nursing care coinsurance
  • Specified foreign travel healthcare emergency expenses

It is important that you research and understand each Medigap plan offered before making your decision as the coverage is different with each plan, with different plans offering more tailored benefits to suit different needs. In most cases, if Plan C doesn’t suit you well, Medigap Plan D is the best choice, depending on your state of residence and what is offered in your residential area.