Michigan Medicare Supplement Plans

In Michigan, as in most US states, Medicare beneficiaries have the option to increase their coverage with a supplemental plan. Among the most popular options are Medigap, a federally-regulated Medicare supplement that helps cover expenses not covered by Medicare, and Medicare Advantage, a more flexible form of insurance plan that covers Medicare-related expenses as well as services and service providers not covered by traditional Medicare plans. If you’re nearing age 65 or are simply looking to increase your health coverage in Michigan, fill out the zip code form to find local providers and compare rates instantly.

Flexible Plans vs. Standard Coverage

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Michigan residents who want coverage for services not covered by Medicare will likely be most satisfied with one of the dozens of Medicare Advantage plans offered in the state. Though only 17 companies are offering Medicare Advantage plans in 2012, each company can offer several plans, and it’s a good idea to consider all of your options before registering for a specific plan. Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage of services not covered by Medicare such as eye care, prescriptions and longer hospital stays, and they often cover additional service providers as well. In other words, with so many quality plans to choose from, Medicare Advantage clients should have no problem finding a top notch plan in their area.

In contrast, Medigap plans are federally-regulated and are designed with the specific goal of defraying the costs not typically covered by Medicare. Medigap is available to anyone who has Medicare parts A and B, and there are 12 levels of coverage available, which correspond with Medicare plans A through L. The coverage provided by Medigap plans is uniform in each level of care no matter what company provides the plan, but prices may vary. To compare rates and policies, fill out the zip code form and find the best plan for your needs and budget.

Enrollment Times

As is the case in most states, Michigan’s open enrollment period is available in one of two times. Anyone eligible for Medicare based upon their age can enroll in a Medicare supplement when enrolling in Medicare, typically in the 6 months preceding or following their 65th birthday. Anyone who opts not to register during this time can opt to enroll each year between October 15 and December 7, and their policy will become active on January 1 of the following year. Special circumstances may make it possible for Michigan residents to enroll at other times as well. Such cases include when someone moves to Michigan at a time when enrollment is closed, or when someone becomes eligible for Medicare parts A and B in the middle of a year (such as the case of a sudden disability). Michigan is one of only 22 states that offer this special open enrollment period to those under age 65.

It is helpful to know that Medigap policies have guaranteed acceptance (except for those with end-stage renal disease or in some cases of people with Medicaid), but applicants with pre-existing conditions may be required to wait 6 months for coverage of specific fees. Medigap also has a guaranteed renewal policy which ensures that policy holders cannot lose their Medigap coverage. To find the best Medigap plan for your needs, fill out the zip code form and compare rates instantly.

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