North Carolina Medicare Supplement Plans

As the 10th largest US state by population, it’s hardly surprising that North Carolina offers one of the widest ranges of Medicare supplement insurance options in the country. With 24 providers offering supplemental insurance plans in 2012, North Carolina residents can undoubtedly find a plan that meets both their healthcare needs and their budget. If you’re eligible for Medicare parts A and B and are interested in increasing either reducing your healthcare expenses or expanding your healthcare options, fill out the zip code form to view policies and pricing in your area instantly.

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Medicare Advantage

According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the average rating of North Carolina’s Medicare Advantage plans in 2011 was 3.45 stars out of a possible 5 stars. Medicare Advantage plans offer the utmost in flexibility for North Carolina residents, both in terms of available plans and pricing. Available plans include fee-for-service plans, PPOs, HMOs and HMOs with POS options. Services covered by Medicare Advantage plans can include prolonged hospital stays, dental care, prescription medications, and a broad choice of service providers. When evaluating different Medicare Advantage plans, North Carolina residents should look at plans in their county only, and should consider their healthcare needs and the reputation of service providers covered by the plan. To compare rates, plans, and ratings, fill out the zip code form and get started instantly.

Medigap Insurance Plans

North Carolina residents looking to reduce their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses without expanding the services they receive should consider investing in a Medigap policy. Available to anyone eligible for Medicare parts A and B, Medigap is a federally-supervised program in which private insurance companies offer insurance policies to cover some or all of the expenses not covered by standard Medicare plans. There are currently 12 different Medigap plans available, each of which corresponds to a different level of Medicare coverage, from plans A through L. Prices for each Medigap policy vary from provider to provider, but the coverage available with each plan must be uniform, regardless of the provider.

Medigap has guaranteed acceptance and guaranteed renewal, making it an ideal plan for anyone with a pre-existing health condition. It should be noted, however, that some applicants with a pre-existing condition may be subject to a 6-month wait time before receiving services, a period generally imposed on those diagnosed with the condition within 6 months of registering for Medigap. Despite the mandatory acceptance, anyone with end-stage renal disease or a Medicare Medical Savings (MSA) account is ineligible for Medigap.

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s helpful to know that North Carolina is one of the select states that also offer MedicareSELECT plans, which is a specific form of Medigap that has a lower cost in exchange for a care plan that works only with a very specific list of healthcare providers. Fill out the zip code form to preview Medigap plans available in your area.

When to Register

Ideally, anyone registering for Medicare around their 65th birthday should enroll in a Medicare supplement plan at the same time. This enrollment period is generally during the six months before and after a person’s 65th birthday. North Carolina residents who do not register for Medigap or Medicare Advantage during that time can do so later, though the cost may be higher. The open enrollment period for both of these Medicare supplements is from October 15 through December 7, though the dates are subject to change by the federal government, so anyone wishing to enroll after their personal open enrollment period should check with their chosen provider. Fill out the zip code form to view plans and providers and to get an instant quote.

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